In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Coalesce52 is a year long project between a couple friends. Two of us (Scott and myself) will be shooting a roll of film a week for the entirety of 2013 and the other (Anthony) will be doing one written and/or illustrated piece per week. Then, sometime early next year, we’ll be hosting a little gallery event at Aperture where we will showcase some of our favorite work from each week – generally images that you won’t see here on the blog as we’ll be saving our favorites show at the end of the project. I could continue to bore you with more details, but, I think you get the gist. Now – on to my Week 1.


Week 1 for me was really the inception of this 52 week project. I didn’t really have this idea ahead of time, but, thought of it while I was out shooting some photos the first week of the year. We had just gotten what was our first big snow of the year and really I was just out to shoot a few black and white images of the fresh snow fall. Slowly, though, this idea of dedicating more time to shooting this year began to form and eventually wound up as an idea for this year long project. Within two days I talked to Scott, roped him and Anthony both into this  year long madness, and began to stockpile rolls of film to start shooting my first few weeks of work.


If you are interested in some of the more technical details, all of my images for week one were shot with a Canon Canonet QL17, a small rangefinder camera, using Kodak TMAX 100. If you like these images and want to see more from this camera (or just more of my work in general) feel free to jump on over on my main photo-blog (but only after you’ve read every post on this site of course).



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