Week 5.

Week 5 brought an unexpected, mid-week afternoon at home by myself. A contractor needed to get into our house for some roof repairs, and, since I had some freedom in my work schedule that day, I used an afternoon of vacation time to let him in. After he was done I found myself with a little bit of free time and decided to make the most of it by shooting my roll of film for the week.


I challenged myself to shooting this entire 36 exposure roll of Kodak Ektar 100 in one afternoon without leaving the house using my Canon FTb and 55mm f/1.2 lens. It was a bit of a challenge at the beginning to come up with different things to shoot, but, after I got rolling it got a little easier. I’ve always enjoyed shooting still life set-ups and think I have a bit of a knack for setting them up and getting decent compositions on them.


Here you see three of the different setups that I put together that afternoon. Of course, I’ve saved a few of my favorites and plan to use one of them for the gallery show at the end of this project. Also, If you’re interested, I’ll be posting some of the remaining images from this roll over on my personal blog in the next day or two.

Until my Week 6 write up – Enjoy.


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