Week 6.

I was lucky enough to be able to shoot my Week 6 images in one of my favorite ways – In the studio with a model, some interesting wardrobe and a very talented makeup artist. These images were all taken using medium format Kodak Tri-X 400 in a Mamiya 645. I just recently bought and added a metered PD prism to this setup and love how much it streamlines my shoot process.


The model in these photos, Ciarra, is someone that I’ve not had the pleasure of shooting with before this, but I really enjoyed working with her. We ended up with a lot of great film images (including some 4×5 instant film photos you can see on my Personal Blog) and a ton of great digital work as well. Ciarra also brought along one of Cleveland’s best makeup artists, Jason Kelly, who did some amazing work. If you haven’t worked with a makeup artist much I can personally vouch for the quality it brings to your photos and the amount of time it saves you during the retouching process.


Again, If you like these images be sure to check out the large format work over on my blog and remember – while these might be the photos that I’ve selected to post here for the week there’s still one favorite image from this roll (which I think is amazing) that I’m reserving for the gallery show at the end of this project.




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