Week 7.

My Week 7 images are a little different than what I normally shoot… something I’d consider almost documentary in nature. But, this 52-week project for me is definitely about finding growth within my photography. While I will definitely continue to expand in styles and genre’s that I’m familiar with, I also want to push myself outside of my comfort zone a bit and explore genres that I don’t normally shoot. I doubt that I will ever be a documentary or journalistic style photographer, but, shooting with this mentality from time to time can definitely contribute to growth in all of my photography. Working with, directing and capturing people who are not normally in front of the camera is definitely one of my weaker areas, so hopefully a few forays down this path will help me with that.


These images, taken with local artist Branden Vondrak, were shot using two different film types – Ilford HP5+ and Kodak E100VS – using my Mamiya 645. Branden, who used to be my neighbor, is a great local illustrator and painter who’s work I’ve always enjoyed (especially his Pet Portraits). He’s done work for a number of big companies, has a great visual style and still takes on commissions for personal projects. If you are a fan of painting, illustration or art in general be sure to jump over to his page and check out his work.

Film for Weeks 8 and 9 are currently waiting to be developed, but check back soon for those updates as well as Week 7 updates from Scott and Anthony. Until then, here are a few more images from my Week 7 shoot.

Week7_11_KodakE100VS_Mamiya645 Week7_12_KodakE100VS_Mamiya645Week7_04_IlfordHP5Plus_Mamiya645 Week7_03_IlfordHP5Plus_Mamiya645 Week7_05_IlfordHP5Plus_Mamiya645 Week7_09_KodakE100VS_Mamiya645 Week7_13_KodakE100VS_Mamiya645


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