Remember the storm that hit the East Coast in early Feb.? That’s when my friends and I left for Vermont. A snowboard trip just happened to be planned for the exact time the storm was to hit. We made it into VT just as the snow started to fall, checked into our hotel, and eagerly watched out our window as the inches turned into a foot, then a bit more, of fresh snow. It was also windy and freezing cold. Freezing cold. The next day we drove to Okemo Mountain for what was to be an amazing day of riding. It was indeed, but it was also windy and cold. No way I was taking my gloves off to get out my camera. Get off the lift, strap in, and get down to the bottom, where the wind was not as strong. I brought 4 cameras and a ton of film, but only shot 2 rolls. No time. Gotta get to the the mountain early, stay till 4pm, then head back. By then it’s almost dark. Tired. Hungry. Thirsty. The day after Okemo we drove north to Killington Mountain. Blue skies and 30 degrees. Perfect. However, I still have not developed the slide film I shot, so I’m posting the BW from our first day.

img010 img011 img014 img001 img008img004

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