Week 9.

I’ve been lucky enough throughout the first couple months of this project to be able to schedule semi-regular shoots with different models from around the area. Hopefully, this trend continues throughout this project and into the warmer months of the year so that I can get away from the studio and out to some new locations. Until then, I’ll just have to continue trying to creatively use the confined space of the studio like I did for this shoot with Hillary – an Erie, PA based model with Taxi Talent Management out of Cleveland.


The images above, shot on the studio cyc-wall with studio lighting, and the images below, shot with just available window light, were all taken with 35mm Ilford Delta 3200 in a Canon FTb with 55mm f/1.2. I know that a lot of people pull this film, but, I’ve never really shot the 35mm version and so I decided to shoot it at box speed. Before I got these images developed, a few people made mention of how grainy/contrasty this film tends to be and I absolutely have to agree. Luckily, I really like this style of image. The deep grain and high contrast really screams “film” to me and, if I were you, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more shoots this year with this emulsion in both 35mm and 120.

I’ll end my rambling here, but please be sure to check out a few more photos from this roll below. Thanks, and enjoy.

Week9_07_IlfordDelta3200_CanonFTb Week9_09_IlfordDelta3200_CanonFTb Week9_10_IlfordDelta3200_CanonFTb


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