I should say that this little piece was written at night, when I woke up from an odd and unrelated dream. In fairness to anyone who cares to read it, even I don’t know what the hell I was saying

from those depths
it swells and burns
a sting unique
that coaxes a shiver

found in the peripheral
the hesitant dial
the pause and the question

lone words floating into
hours witching
a clasp lingering

where one remains only one
but there is also two
a second
not one to pass but the next
time racing in leaping jaunts
so fast to make an eye tear

the bundles made and left
lines etched and kept
dear and close
spelled out so clear
yet cloaked verbose

no home for a sense of what
will never again be

so smile
smile because it is the only way
to fight what time is indifferent too
and because acceptance leaves
an aftertaste

a frown is easy
and unfair
because it is all too telling


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