Week 10.

A lot of times, because my lighting has been self taught through video production, it remains the same throughout my photography. Unlike most photographers, I have never learned to use strobes. Outside of the work I do with natural/available light, I use hot lights – most often a range of Mole Richardson 1k’s, 650w fresnels, and various other smaller wattage lights from Lowel. Throughout most of the video that I shoot at work, I aim to keep subjects distanced from their backgrounds, light them separately and keep shadows to a minimum. So for Week 10’s roll of film I shot model Sarah Starr with some Kodak Tri-X 400 in a Yashica D TLR and decided to try something a little different with my light.


The goal with this set of images was to ditch my old habits and play a little more freely with light and shadow. More specifically, I wanted to use some hard shadowing. So, I ditched the soft-boxes on my 1k’s and brought the hard light source in close to the model, whom I’d also brought very close to the background (about a foot away). If you’re used to dissecting lighting from reading the light and shadows of an image you can already tell that within this set up I had two main light sources – one high and camera right and one even higher (and further away) camera left. The remainder of the light, mostly just falling onto and evening out my cyc wall, was provided by some ceiling mounted cyc lights (which also added a bit of an even, diffused fill light across the model as well).


If you’d like to check out some of the instant film from this shoot with model Sarah Starr – some Impossible Project PX 100 shot with an SX70 Sonar – feel free to jump over to my personal blog which you can find Here. And of course, make sure you continue to check out the other great posts on this site – both Anthony and Scott have posted some awesome work to date and we’re only 10 weeks into the 52 week project. Until next time (some images from a little road trip to Toronto) thanks and I hope you’ve enjoyed.



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