Ah, Cleveland. My hometown, which has been on the upswing for at least the past 10 years. Old neighborhoods with a facelift. Ohio City, Tremont, Gordon Square, Midtown. The list goes on with great places to live, work, and enjoy. Having been here my entire life (except 5 years in Columbus, which does not even compare to CLE), I have watched this city transform to what it is today. Bottom line – it’s badass. So are the people. So is the food. So is the overall attitude of it’s citizens.

However, you cannot erase the past 100 years. We don’t want to. For a long while, Cleveland was the grandest city in the world. Then, yes, it went through a couple bad decades. Cleveland produced the materials to build the world! It was a messy job, but someone had to do it. That mess is almost gone, but the reality is that it never will be entirely spotless. Compared to many cities I’ve visited, Cleveland is freakin’ clean! You ever been to an unnamed city east of here? Geez.

The great news is that the world is still building. Cleveland is still producing the materials. Our smokestacks are still smoking. Workers are still getting paid. We’ll always be an industrial city, and I’m OK with that. Lake Erie is now clean, our parks are amazing, and the people are more badass than ever. To survive 3 generations of hard work, economic decline, a terrible sports life, a reinvention of itself, and the patience it took, is nothing short of amazing. Cleveland and it’s people are the hardest, most badass in America.

These images are all taken within a few miles of my store, Aperture. Tremont to be exact. I love shooting down in the rail yards, where the industry is at it’s finest. I used a Mamiya RB67 filled with Ilford Delta 400.






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