Week 11.

During the 11th week of this year I went to Toronto for an extended weekend to celebrate my birthday, eat some good food, have a couple drinks and, of course, shoot some film. While I didn’t get to shoot quite as many rolls of film as I would have liked (it was absolutely freezing the majority of our visit), I did manage to shoot a couple. Instead of sharing all of those photos here at once, today I will be sharing just some of my favorites from Toronto’s China Town. More photos from this trip, including some instant photos that I’ve already posted, will be available over on my personal blog very soon.

The photos below were all taken with a Canon Rebel Ti using a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens and some Fuji Astia 100 chrome. This is one of the first times I’ve shot film with such an up to date camera (comparative to my usual suspects) and I really enjoyed having the convenience of modern metering, autofocus selections, a seriously top notch lens and  the automatic film advancing. While I don’t expect this to turn my off my favorite vintage arsenal, I thin it’s safe to say that I will likely shoot with this camera a few more times throughout the remainder of the year.

Week11_04_FujiAstia100_CanonRebelTi Week11_06_FujiAstia100_CanonRebelTiWeek11_07_FujiAstia100_CanonRebelTiWeek11_09_FujiAstia100_CanonRebelTiWeek11_05_FujiAstia100_CanonRebelTiWeek11_10_FujiAstia100_CanonRebelTi


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