Week 12.

I’d like to think that every photographer, or every artist for that matter,  has a place that they keep returning to. It could be a constant source of inspiration, a location that you struggle to capture, or just a place that makes you comfortable. Either way, I hope that every artist has a place like that (or many places like that) and if they don’t, that they find one during the course of their career, hobby or whatever form of exploration their art takes them in.


Ever since moving to Cleveland I have always found myself gravitating to Edgewater beach, and even more specifically, to one particular tree on Edgewater beach. Anyone’s who’s followed my blog over the past couple years is probably painfully aware of this as I’ve taken and posted countless pictures of this one location in any number of formats from iPhone, to DSLR, to instant film, and so on and so forth. For me personally, I think the location provides me with all of the things I’ve stated above. It’s a peaceful place, it’s a place I’m familiar with and always capable of capturing, and it’s always a place where I find myself inspired by what’s around me. At the same time, it’s a place that I struggle with, a place that I am always trying to depict more accurately, and a place where I often see a beauty that I can not seem to fully capture.


So, as Week 12 started to come to a close and I found myself with an unexposed roll of film and a total lack of inspiration, I returned to one of my favorite places. I shot scenes in the way I always have and then searched for new perspectives, going from completely uninspired to unconsciously comfortable with a camera in my hands.  All of the photos on this page were taken with a Canon Rebel Ti SLR on a roll of Fuji DXf 200 color film.

(And for the record, don’t be surprised if you see this location again sometime later this year)

Week12_06_FujiDXf200_CanonRebelTi Week12_08_FujiDXf200_CanonRebelTi Week12_09_FujiDXf200_CanonRebelTi





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