Week 14.

I’ve really never been a huge fan of shooting with low-fi cameras. I have seen many images from Holga’s, and Diana’s, etc., that I really liked… but I’ve always found the experience of shooting with those camera’s myself to be a little lack luster. The images from my own Holga have never been overly impressive. And yet, for some reason, when I packed a bag at the beginning of Week 14 to head to New York the only camera I threw in my bag was a Holga 120 and a single roll of Kodak Tri-X 400.

Part of me knew that I would only have a narrow window of time to shoot a roll of film. Part of me, after 13 weeks of shooting a roll a week, just wanted to play with a different camera. Either way, when I got the film back and scanned all of the images I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Below you’ll find some favorites, all shot in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn within walking distance of Brooklyn Bridge Park.


Week14_02_KodakTriX_Holga120 Week14_06_KodakTriX_Holga120Week14_04_KodakTriX_Holga120


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