Week 15.

These weeks… they’re all starting to blur together a little bit for me now. Today, I’ll  be posting my Week 15 images. Meanwhile, I have already wrapped up and developed my Week 19 film.  As I write this, my Week 17 film is sitting on the scanner. Confused yet? I know the feeling…

Week 15 – some Kodak Tri-X 400 shot in a Yashica D TLR in the Rocky River Reservation. This roll, kind of a rush towards the end of Week 15, was all shot in a very small area of the Metro Park near my house… likely all within a quarter mile’s distance. Not my best work, but not every week of this 52 week project is going to be a winner. I kind of think that’s part of what this is all about…

Week15_02_KodakTriX_YashicaD Week15_03_KodakTriX_YashicaD Week15_04_KodakTriX_YashicaD Week15_05_KodakTriX_YashicaD Week15_08_KodakTriX_YashicaD Week15_09_KodakTriX_YashicaD


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