Week 17.

Week 17 was a bit of a departure from my normal style of photography. I was lucky enough to be allowed to attend a few classes at Arlene Cassara Dance Studio in North Olmsted to shoot some documentary style dance photography for an evening.


Dance photography in general is something that I’ve always admired but good documentary dance photography is hard to come by. A few times over the years I have come across a couple older, gritty black and white film images that appear to be behind the scenes photos of different dance productions and/or dance schools that I’ve always found to be beautiful and influential in style. I would not consider my own work to be up to that quality (especially my documentary style work) but I do think I was able to capture a few decent looking photos from this one short session and definitely think it’s something that I would shoot again and could improve upon.


The camera and film combinations that I had with me for this shoot were my Mamiya 645 with Tri-X 400 (which I shot two rolls of) and my Canon Canonet with a roll of 36 exposure Ilford HP5 Plus. The images in this post are a mix of the two different stocks. Hope you enjoy.

Week17_05_KodakTriX400_Mamiya645 Week17_16_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonCanonet Week17_15_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonCanonet Week17_14_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonCanonet Week17_13_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonCanonet Week17_12_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonCanonet Week17_11_KodakTriX400_Mamiya645 Week17_10_KodakTriX400_Mamiya645 Week17_08_KodakTriX400_Mamiya645 Week17_07_KodakTriX400_Mamiya645 Week17_04_KodakTriX400_Mamiya645 Week17_01_KodakTriX400_Mamiya645  Week17_06_KodakTriX400_Mamiya645


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