Week 18.

For me, a big part of this project has become an exploration into different types of photography. I definitely have a comfort zone and style to my images. I love working with people (be it professional models, amateur models and everyday folks) in posed situations. I like portraits and even the occasional landscape or still life. One thing that I’ve never really shot a lot of, or attempted to shoot a lot of, is food photography. So, Week 18 was my little foray into pretending to be a food photographer for the day.

Here are just a few select images from a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 that I shot using a Mamiya 645. All of this images were shot in studio using available window light and occasionally a reflector or fill card. I don’t think anyone will be calling me up after seeing these images begging me shoot for their restaurant, but I don’t think they’re too shabby for my first food photography attempt either. If you’d like to see the instant film that I also shot that day, you can hop over to my personal blog by clicking HERE. Enjoy.

Week18_02_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week18_04_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week18_05_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week18_06_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645


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