Week 20.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – part of the reason is because I’ve been busy and the other part is because the filming of Captain America in Cleveland shut down my route to where I get my film processed. Now that the filming is over though, I have a pile of film sitting here next to me which I’ve slowly been scanning and getting ready to go up on the blog. And now… here’s Week 20 (Lomography 100 Color Print Film):



One of the great things about this project happening in 2013 is that it’s allowing me to capture some big life moments that are happening this year. In Week 20 of this project I got engaged to my best friend, and I was able to capture a lot of great moments of that day on film. In fact, the proposal came under the guise of a simple photo shoot… the results of which are what you see here.



If you know Tiffany (which I assume many of you don’t) she’s not really a big fan of letting me take her photo. Well… she’s been warming to the idea over time and agreed early in this Roll-A-Week project to let me shoot one of my rolls of film with her. The shoot became the perfect cover for the proposal (or so I thought, she claims she was suspicious all along) and also allowed me the chance to capture the entire thing in action – which makes perfect sense considering my slight obsession with photography.


Most of what you see here on this page is from the photo shoot that led up to the final proposal. We shot three different looks on both film and digital. The final look of the day was where the proposal happened under the shaky story that I wanted to try and capture a few photos of the two of us together. I popped both of my camera’s on tripods – a Canon FTb loaded with a roll of Lomography 100 Color Print Film and a Canon 5DMII with an intervelometer – and proceeded to take a couple shots of the two of us together on a little hillside. I got a few one-off shots with the FTb’s 10 second timer and left the 5D firing away once every 2-3 seconds. Then, under the claim of “grabbing my SX-70 from my camera bag” I made my move. The rest, as they say, is history and  below is the set of photos that resulted… (mind you, this is the one and only time I ever plan to post a digital image on this blog… I figured this was a good enough reason to make an exception)


So there you have it – Week 20, an engagement and some beautiful photos of my soon to be wife. As I mentioned before, 2013 is a big year and we actually have plans to be married in December… and really, I  can’t think of a better way to wrap up this 52 week project than by documenting some of the highlights of our wedding weekend and first days being married.



One thought on “Week #20: Tim

  1. Congratulations to you both on your engagement!! What a unique and beautiful way to announce it!! Tiffany, your mom was my first friend and first BEST friend..Although we have miles and time between us…She will always remain my BEST friend!! Your Dad is very special to me too..So congratulations and I can not wait to see the Wedding Pictures. You are beautiful and I know you two will have a great life together…..

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