Week 21.

For Week 21 I had the pleasure of working with a model that I hadn’t worked with before. Emily Wallace, local to the Cleveland area and signed with Taxi Model Management, is an absolutely wonderful model to work with and likely should be signed in a much larger market than Cleveland. I’ve now shot with her twice (you’ll see her again in my next post for Week 22) and can tell you that unless I screw up the shot technically almost every frame is a useable frame.

The brisk Week 21 was slated to be an outdoor shoot and, despite some unseasonably cold temps and high winds that day, Emily didn’t even bat an eye about being outside. We didn’t shoot for very long but were able to get some really great shots together. These images were all taken with a Mamiya 645 and Kodak Ektar 100 – Enjoy.

Week21_02_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week21_04_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week21_05_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week21_06_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week21_07_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week21_08_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week21_09_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645


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