Week 22.

If you check out this blog on a regular basis you will notice that my Week 22 images feature the same model as Week 21. Emily, a model with Taxi Model Management here in Cleveland, was nice enough to come back and shoot with me a second time after a quick, cold first shoot. This go around we had better luck with the temperatures (just slightly warmer) albeit with some pretty crazy winds throughout the morning. These images were once again taken with my Mamiya 645, but this time using some Kodak Tri-X 400… a combination I’ve really come to love this year. Enjoy.

Week22_03_KodakTriX_Mamiya645Week22_02_KodakTriX_Mamiya645Week22_04_KodakTriX_Mamiya645 Week22_05_KodakTriX_Mamiya645  Week22_07_KodakTriX_Mamiya645 Week22_08_KodakTriX_Mamiya645 Week22_09_KodakTriX_Mamiya645 Week22_10_KodakTriX_Mamiya645 Week22_11_KodakTriX_Mamiya645


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