Week 23.

Week 23 definitely brought about some interested results. Thus far, I’ve pretty much been shooting standard, modern day film emulsions. However, some time in the beginning of the year, Scott (who I think is still taking part in this project… I haven’t seen him post in quite some time) gave me an expired roll of ORWO NP 20 which I decided to take out for a spin in my Mamiya 645. This particular ORWO is an Orthochromatic 20 DIN/ 80 ISO film that I think was manufactured in the early 70’s and expired sometime around 1974 or ’75. If you’re counting, that means at the time of exposure this film was nearly 40 years expired.


Surprisingly, I got some decent results (with a little work) from this film. After having it developed I was a little worried that I might not have much of anything there for a good portion of the roll. Scanning however, revealed that there was actually a decent amount of information on the highly curled, difficult to scan negative (some exposures being better than others). I shot this film in the early morning hours along the country roads just outside of Erie, Pa., and found that the shots from later in the morning (when the sun was brighter) came out much better than the early exposures.

Either way, here are some dreamy, hazy images from a roll of film that was far past it’s prime when it was finally exposed. Enjoy.

Week23_02_ORWONP20_Mamiya645 Week23_05_ORWONP20_Mamiya645 Week23_06_ORWONP20_Mamiya645Week23_08_ORWONP20_Mamiya645Week23_01_ORWONP20_Mamiya645


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