Week 25.

Week 25 brought about a full day in the studio with local cleveland model Sydney Perez, hair stylist Tyrell Kendrick and the always awesome MUA Shayna Wilson. We rattled off three different looks that day, shot a bunch of digital, a few instant photos and of course a roll of film. This time around I returned to my Canon FTb with the 55mm f/1.2 and shot a roll of 35mm Ilford HP5 +. Here’s a few of the photos. Enjoy.

Week25_01_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb  Week25_05_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb Week25_07_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb  Week25_09_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb Week25_10_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb Week25_12_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb Week25_13_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb Week25_14_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb Week25_15_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb Week25_16_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb Week25_17_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonFTb


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