Week 27.

Week 27 fell on the same weekend as the Fourth of July this year. That really doesn’t have anything to do with my photos for week 27, but, it’s why I ended up being able to drive up to Ashtabula on a Friday to meet up with model Hillary Holmes who is based out of Erie, Pa but contracted with Cleveland’s Taxi Model Management. If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you might recognize Hillary from my Week 9 Images.

Ashtabula was a good halfway point for both of us and offered a nice little park/beach front area to shoot at. The images images seen here were all shot using my Canon Rebel Ti with a 75-300mm f/4-5.6 and a roll of Lomography’s XPro 200 color slide film. This film is meant to be cross processed (which I’m sure is obvious by the name) but I decided to go ahead and have it processed like standard slide film. The colors that I ended up with (which I believe is due to a combination of the film, the processing and the cloud cover that day) are different than I expected and quite interesting. Have a look and enjoy.

Week27_01_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi Week27_03_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi

Week27_08_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi Week27_04_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi   Week27_07_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi  Week27_09_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi  Week27_12_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi Week27_13_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi    Week27_17_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi Week27_18_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi Week27_19_LomoXpro200_CanonRebelTi



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