The following is an excerpt from a long form story, as yet unannounced but soon enough to be released. © AMZART/ FTFY Publications 2013

Another awful pop song was audible from Dentszer’s speakers as we drove.
“Ya know something that has always bugged me about you?” I asked.
“What? What now? For someone who has technically hired me to help him, you feel entitled to incessantly harangue me with questions about ME…” His demeanor was generally this cuddly. Too often, I took to provoking it out of my own morbid interest for a laugh. “I suppose I should wait with baited breath for this one…”
Smirking I said “, well… what I don’t get with you is that you have this very focused and biting opinion on, well pretty much everything. Yet, for some reason, all you listen to is top 40 radio— the crappiest of crap.”
“Annnnd I’m asking why? Why ONLY listen to 103.6? I have never heard a song on that station that wasn’t dripping with MTV bubble gum.” My point was valid. This music did not fit Dentzser’s M.O. If you put a gun to someone’s head who only met the guy once, and judging by that first impression asked what kind of music a guy like him listened to  — Neil Young or Britney Spears — ten out of ten would be dead in this gunshot caveat because they would all have guessed Neil Young. As generalities go, no one would think a six foot tall, thirty-something chain smoker could recount Ms. Spears last five hits, but Dentszer sure was that guy. Lucky for that anonymous ten, no situation has ever arisen where anyone would have to make that call. As it was, just the two of us were in the car and I KNEW he what listened to… With me it was more about the WHYs.

“I don’t really pay attention to it, I just like something I can tune out.” What a stock answer. Anything worse and it would have had something to do with bad reception or a tuning knob being stuck.
“Mmm, I see. Alright, so what’s the real reason?” I goaded. He just shook his head. This had become interesting; Dentszer wasn’t the type to withhold information, especially opinion, quite the opposite actually.

Clearing his throat “, if you must know Robbins, I listen to the radio because it’s all new. I lost a taste for the old stuff, the good stuff, a while ago. And because you’re a curious lad, I lost interest in real music because I got tired of looking for what I hoped to find in it. Old songs are loaded and honest, rich with texture and soul and memories. Ah, but this new stuff? The miracle of it? It has nothing, it is blank and uninspired. It’s about as thought provoking as a spinning paper sign at a gas station. There is nothing this music offers, which, as I said before, makes it very easy to tune out. And THAT is why I listen to this fucking station. Now be quiet for a minute, this Madonna song isn’t half bad.”


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