Week 28.

In Week 28 I had the pleasure of shooting with a model that I had not worked with in quite some time. Cassie, another Cleveland based model, just so happens to also be the person who got me into the dance studio for my Week 17 images. We spent the better part of a Saturday morning shooting throughout downtown Cleveland, the East bank of the Flats and the beach over at Edgewater Park. These images were all taken with my Canon Rebel Ti, a canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L and a roll of Lomography’s B&W Lady Grey 400 speed film. I’ve never shot this film before, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and dynamic range of the film after I scanned it. Take a look and enjoy.

Week28_01_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi Week28_05_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi


Week28_09_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi Week28_10_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi Week28_12_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi  Week28_14_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi Week28_15_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi

Week28_16_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi Week28_18_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi  Week28_21_LomoBW400LadyGrey_CanonRebelTi


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