“Have you noticed them recently?”
“Hmm? No…No. Not anymore. Why, have you?”
“Oh yes. Very much. I still watch with much interest.”
“I can’t see why.”
“No? You don’t think their progress has increased? I’d go as far to say it is exponential.”
“Progress isn’t the word I would use.”
“Advancement, then?”
“That’s a bit more fitting.”
“Very well. Very well. So then, you agree there is ‘advancement’, why no interest?”
“Do you really have to ask? Honestly. What interest is there in watching something advance toward failure?”
“Because of how opposing it all is! They feel that all is building towards something greater; that their achievements continue to best the previous ones.”
“So the notion that the further they descend while conversely feeling as if they move upward is what — amusing?”
“I didn’t say that. I said it is of interest — which it was before and still is now.”
“No, you’re wrong about that, about the past at least.”
“Am I now? Can you recall a time where their advancement did not sink them? When were they truly ‘making progress’?”
“Your silence is very damning. No doubt that uncertain ‘hmm’ means you cannot produce a defense to the contrary. I am correct across the board. No major accomplishment of theirs has even truly elevated them. Not a one. Even their first meager ‘discoveries’ they found a use for destruction.”
“Is this the Stick Argument?”
“It IS. Consider the stick…”
“They learned, with minimal prodding from the company, to utilize the object. A multitude of uses. Best when implemented to retrieve food or in abundance for shelter. Simple; effective.”
“Yeah and it took them how long to—”
“Exactly—not long at all. Scrape a big enough stick until pointy and then what? Kill with the stick. Access and take from the overpowered. Their first true progress — advancement, whathaveyou — and already their decline is evident. And this was BEFORE fire!”
“Right. So you’re essentially proving my point. They have little value. It is a continually flawed experiment. They have such little merit. I could go on. My question still remains why you still have interest. This company has developed so much elsewhere — projects that have succeeded far beyond our expectations… why keep looking in on one of the few that has not?”
“Two reasons. For one thing, my interest holds for how finitely close they get to the edge while always managing to increase their peak. Where the other failed projects have had normal cliffs to go over, this one somehow manages to continually increase the height of the edge while inching ever-closer to it.”
“Great, so they’re in a loop.”
“No no no. Not at all. Everything is finite, you know this. Eventually, that ramp will come to too fine a point.”
“Fine. So what’s the second reason?”
“Well, the second reason is made so much better due to the exponential acceleration of the first. It is a curious variable that won’t effect us but could alter their trajectory slightly.”
“And that is?”
“For the first time, another unsuccessful project has limped it’s way out of bounds and will attempt contact with this project.”
“And you think that’s worthwhile?”
“Not at all, but I’m still curious to see what they do.”


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