Week 30.

Hot air balloons. Week 30 was all about hot air balloons. Me, my Mamiya 645 and a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 traveled back home to go with my Dad to a hot air balloon festival. Evidently they only like to launch these guys at the crack of dawn, so bright and early we set out to watch them go up. Surprisingly, 20-some balloons can take off pretty quick as the whole escapade only lasted about 15-20 minutes. And, as soon as they were up, they were seemingly out of site. All of these things (in addition to some murky grey skies) made these balloons pretty hard to photograph. I didn’t get to shoot an entire roll that morning (I finished it up with some still life later in the afternoon) but here are a couple photos that I thought came out alright. The best, of course, will be saved for a gallery show down the road. Enjoy.

Week30_02_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week30_03_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week30_04_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645 Week30_05_KodakEktar100_Mamiya645


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