Places, all of you. Find your marks. We have a full day.
[Look, I’m glad to be working but this is crap. We’ve seen this before. The story is tired.]
Quiet on the set. Actors are called. Be Ready.
[ Here we go again.]
“Too many ‘last times’ have piled up and made each one following more worthless than the last.”
“I write of you as a ghost because what is their nature?”
[Are you hearing this? Lord… didn’t know it was this kind of gig.]
“You’re a constant parallel with a veneer so thin I almost hear you and still that barrier remains.”
“It’s uncanny how far and how close we are. Anymore it’s almost impossible to say what it is for sure.”
[Is that my line? Who wrote this?]
[I know, I’m confused.]
[Is this my cue?]
“So many have come after you yet the numbers do nothing.”
“I said “Cut”. Please everyone turn a few pages back. Yes? Great. Remember, this is not current. This is reminiscent. Nothing in this scene is about reality. Ok, start again. As a matter of fact, let’s pick it up from….. page 18. Scene 5.”

“Somewhere in all of this I want your pride. To get your praise, free of all the irony or pandering… it would put another piece of me to rest. At least I think so.”
“But this isn’t about me anymore. I stopped being a point for a long time now. Something in you evolved and became central.”
[Ugh. I’m lost again. Are we supposed to care?]
[The motivation is getting cloudy. This whole thing is one sided. It’s drek.]

“Are you a dream? Are you a spectre of a time passed? Is it both? I can’t decide who to know or remember or forget.”
“I may be the static but you are the enduring hum.”
[Hell, for a second I thought I understood. This feels crazy. I’m outta here. You comin’?]
[Nah, I’m getting base wage. I’ll ride the day out; see where it ends. Catch ya later.]

[This ain’t gonna end.]
“I will always wonder. Sometimes why.”
“Cut! Great. Nice work. Moving on. Next scene.”
“Places, places? Action.”


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