Week 31.

I’ve been a bit busy this last week or so and haven’t had much time to post an update. Today though, things have slowed town the tiniest bit and I finally have a quick minute to post an update here.

Today’s images, from Week 31 of the year, were taken with one of my favorite little cameras, the Canon Canonet rangefinder and a roll of Kodak Gold 400 film. The model, Alexandra with the Docherty Agency, is someone that I’ve not worked with before but was happy to get the chance to shoot with around a few downtown areas of Cleveland. Enjoy.

Week31_01_KodakGold400_CanonCanonet Week31_08_KodakGold400_CanonCanonetWeek31_04_KodakGold400_CanonCanonet Week31_05_KodakGold400_CanonCanonet Week31_06_KodakGold400_CanonCanonet Week31_07_KodakGold400_CanonCanonet  Week31_09_KodakGold400_CanonCanonet Week31_10_KodakGold400_CanonCanonet Week31_11_KodakGold400_CanonCanonet Week31_13_KodakGold400_CanonCanonet



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