Week 32.

In an effort to try and catch up on my posts a little bit, here is a post about Week 32. The model this time around is a relatively new model on the scene in Cleveland, Leanne Fabian. During Week 32 she was just a few shoots into her modeling career and still looking for representation. Overall, she ended up being great to work with and turned out some fantastic images from this roll of Ilford HP5+ that I shot with a Canon Rebel Ti and the 24-70 f/2.8 L. Enjoy.

Week32_02_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi Week32_05_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi Week32_06_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi Week32_07_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi Week32_08_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi Week32_09_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi Week32_10_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi Week32_11_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi Week32_13_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi Week32_14_IlfordHP5Plus_CanonRebelTi


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