Week 33.

In Week 33 I found myself up before sunrise so that I could head down to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to take in the arrival of morning. I’m not usually an early morning kind of person, but, getting away from the city and out into the woods and fields really makes a lot more tolerable. Perhaps one of my favorite parts of photography is the places it takes me and the people I meet. I wouldn’t otherwise, off the cuff, drive down to the National Park in the middle of the day, let alone before the sun comes up. I’m glad I did though, and while I was there vowed that I would try to get up for similar trips more often.

Anyways, here are some photos that I took that morning with my Canon FTb and a roll of Lomography’s Grey Lady 400 film. Enjoy.

Week33_01_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_03_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_05_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_06_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_08_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_09_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_10_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_11_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_12_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_13_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_14_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_15_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_17_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_18_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb Week33_20_LomographyLadyGrey_CanonFTb


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