Throughout the ages it was believed that God had created man. Though it is seldom explained that though God created man, God did not rightly complete him. For without the influence of another, God’s first instance of man — he being Adam — would have merely been the result of curiosity, eventually falling into order; another beast to traipse His world. Yet something about man interested God, as well as another, who watched man’s fledging steps. This curiosity in man would ultimately lead to his fruition.

Adam, a sentient being that would quickly earn the favor of God’s affection due to his own innocence and ignorance, would ultimately receive the first gift of compassion. The gift would dismiss Adam’s solitude and provide him with companionship — a wife, Eve, the very second. As God had permitted the counterpart to all other creatures in his earth, so would be the same for Adam. With a love and generosity never before witnessed by any one thing, the world to which God had made for himself was handed down to Adam for supervision. A paradise foolishly bestowed.

From a depth much lower than God’s budding Eden, another watched intently at what transpired. Too low for his once noble light to extend, the fallen star of Elesia was stung with jealousy and disbelief. God did not know love. The new forms of man, with their tinted skin and wingless backs, were frauds. Nothing God had ever created was for anyone but himself. A selfish being, engorged on power, it was delusional to think that His works were born out of selflessness and warmth.

Where God had decreed order for all things livings before he and she, Adam and Eve were granted leniency; the ability to choose. No other creature before man was granted this ability. Not even he, the Morningstar. He watched his creator’s fawns absently exploit the behaviors he was so cruelly expelled for attempting. A rage grew within him beyond compare to the hurt of his initial expulsion.


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