Week 36.

A couple of weeks ago (Week 34’s post I believe) I mentioned another upcoming week full of Cleveland centric photos. Well, Week 36 just so happened to be that week. Another week of not having anything specific in mind to shoot. This time, I ended up downtown early on a Saturday morning with my Mamiya 645 and a roll of Kodak Portra 400 NC that I’ve had laying around for a while now. I’ve generally not had a lot of luck with color film, especially when it comes to medium format, but I really enjoy the way these photos turned out. Enjoy.

Week36_02_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week36_03_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week36_05_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week36_09_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week36_10_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week36_12_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week36_13_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week36_14_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week36_16_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645


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