Week 38.

Today seems like a good day to play catch-up with a few things, so, I’ve decided to go ahead and make a second post – Week 38.

Every once in a while I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with a full time traveling model. Those rare opportunities allow me to work with a new face who’s not from the area, and, generally they have loads of experience since they do multiple shoots per location and often per day. 

This particular shoot was with the very talented Jay Elle, a model who hails from the Kansas area and at the time was a couple of weeks into her current trip. She was nice enough to get up at the crack of dawn, despite there being no sun to shoot in (we had massive amounts of rain that morning), and head into downtown for a shoot together. We rolled through some expired Polaroid Chocolate (which you can see on my blog) a bunch of digital and this roll of Lomography Lady Grey 400 that I ran through my Canon FTb. Enjoy. 

Week38_02_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_03_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_04_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_08_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_09_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_10_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_11_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_12_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb  Week38_13B_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_14_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_15_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb Week38_16_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonFTb



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