Week 40.

Week 40’s roll of expired Kodak Gold 400 (shot with my Canon FTb) is one that contains a rather odd assortment of photos. The rolls started on a plane that took me to visit Washington DC for the first time. Then, six hours later, I took another plane home, shooting a few more photos along the way. The next day, when I realized I hadn’t finished the roll and my week was about up, I walked around the house and photographed all kinds of different odd bits. It’s not my most ground breaking set of photos this year, but I think it has it’s moments and captures my week pretty well. Enjoy.

Week40_03_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_04_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_06_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_07_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_08_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_09_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_10_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_12_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_13_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_18_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_19_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_20_KodakGold400_CanonFTb Week40_21_KodakGold400_CanonFTb


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