Week 46.

One of the nice things about this project is that it has allowed me the opportunity to try a few new things. Early in the year I shot with an artist, then later a dance class, I even tried a little bit of table top food photography at one point. In Week 46 of the year, during another shoot with Emily Wallace, I tried my hand and shooting with some strobes… which you will see didn’t quite work out as planned.

Being self-taught, I’ve never had access to any type of strobes but have always had access to, and been familiar with, hot lights because of my day job. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to mess around with strobes in the studio with a little bit of success, however, as you can see when I switched over to my Mamiya 645 (with Kodak Portra 400 NC) I wasn’t thinking about the camera’s flash sync capabilities. Either way, I ended up liking the photos that I got and later (as you’ll also see) switched back to my usual tungsten based hot lights for the remainder of the shoot.

Lesson learned, and maybe I’ll try again sometime soon. Until then, enjoy.

Week46_03_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week46_04_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week46_06_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week46_07_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week46_10_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645 Week46_11_KodakPortra400NC_Mamiya645

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