The sun goes away quickly or doesn’t warm as much as it should. Somehow it just happens and it kind of registers.

At once it is a bit colder than you want it. No one dies though. There’s no harm and everyone lives. Everything is fine. Everything is “okay”. But that’s the problem — fine stopped being OK a while ago.

Then you see it. Or you hear it. A red swath that cuts the gray and hits you square in the ribs. The impact is immediate. Your eyes do not drift to a close in a dying moment. Instead, your eyes grow wider. The red courses, neck nape to fingertips. No longer can you be idle, and rise with the lit matches in your gut.

No more are you fine or okay. You are Frankenstein and you call out the gray, boorish and bold. With proud fists of red beaming, you rock the earth. Beneath the salted asphalt seeds can be found. You bring one forth. It is alive, small and scampering, done so by your hand. 

What will this homunculus bring forth?

That’s our mission statement. Hopefully, instead of being being confused, you’re curious. 

Let us clarify a bit more. We have been working together for about 3 years now. Different projects, different purposes, different outcomes.
Tim suggested a 52-week project and we jumped aboard. Tim and Scott would shoot one roll of film per week, and Anthony would write/draw/design one piece per week. The end result will be a show/exhibit in early 2014, held at Aperture.

Along the way we decided to share some of the work, with one blog post per week. However, we will not be sharing our one ‘pick’ for that week. We will share a separate image/story/illustration that will not be shown during the final show.

The film to be used can be any roll film, any format. It only has to be roll film. No set subjects. Whatever we wish.

The idea is to keep the creativity moving; no stops. When you stand still things start to get boring, so we are opting for mass content. Build it up and see what grows out of the mound.

Be sure to check the Twitter page and as well as this blog to help you follow the progress, as well as to catch a glimpse of some of the work that will not be shown in 2014.


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