Week 50.

Week 50 I decided to make a return trip to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This time around I took along my Canon Canonet QL17 loaded up with some expired 400 speed color print film from CVS. It was a really snowy sort of day and very quiet and peaceful in the park. These photos turned out well for the lower end camera/film combination. They don’t really do justice to what it’s like to actually stand in this park in the early morning hours, but hopefully you still enjoy.

Week50_07_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17Week50_02_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17 Week50_03_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17 Week50_04_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17 Week50_05_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17    Week50_09_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17 Week50_10_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17 Week50_11_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17 Week50_12_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17 Week50_13_ExpiredCVSColorFilm400_CanonCanonetQL17


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