Week 37.

Unlike many weeks, Week 37’s roll of film was shot across multiple days and multiple locations. The end result is a bit of a strange, eclectic mix of photos that don’t really belong together. Shot with a Canon Rebel Ti and a roll of Lomography’s Lady Grey 400 film, this is what the 37th week of 2013 looked like for me.

Week37_01_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonRebelTi Week37_04_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonRebelTi Week37_05_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonRebelTi Week37_06_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonRebelTi Week37_07_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonRebelTi Week37_10_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonRebelTi Week37_12_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonRebelTi Week37_13_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonRebelTi Week37_14_LomographyLadyGrey400_CanonRebelTi


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